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DIY / BYO Recruit

Each person you invite from your list answers up to 10 questions per study, yielding 10 x 1 minute video responses per person. Includes transcripts (machine & human for accuracy), and access to our sentiment and emotion based AI.

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DIY + Recruit

Create a study recruiting from our proprietary database of over 250,000 respondents. Each person answers up to 10 questions per study, yielding 10 x 1 minute video responses per person. Includes screening, transcription (human + machine for accuracy), and access to our proprietary sentiment and emotion based AI.

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Fabric Methodologies

Perceptions & Attitudes

People are remarkably candid and emotionally unguarded recording close-up selfie videos.

Show & Tell

By showing an object, giving a tour or walking through a process, people are highly stimulated and articulate in their responses.

Prompt & React

Add a link to elicit immediate and visceral reactions to messaging, websites, videos, UX and more.

Retail & Events

Send participants to a location and prompt an experiential response.

Mobile Video Survey Platform
Everything In One Place
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Everything In One Place

Cloud-based link provides easy access to - and sharing of - video responses and transcripts.

Video Answers
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Video Answers

1 minute self-recorded video responses are viewable, downloadable, and shareable via a link.

Survey Questions
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Survey Questions

Video responses and transcripts are organized by question.

View Transcripts
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View Transcripts

English language transcripts and translations are included for all responses.

Analytics & Insights
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Analytics & Insights

Use AI powered insight tools to enhance your analysis & reporting.

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Top Brands Trust Fabric To Uncover Insights

Nike Logo

Nike Innovation Kitchen

Researcher, Athlete Concepts

The platform is so good at unearthing insights because their bespoke recruiting helps us hear from the exact audience we’re looking for.


Wieden + Kennedy

Angela Jones, Group Strategy Director

When COVID-19 hit, we worked with the team to field a quick consumer study on a Saturday. We needed to gauge whether the work would hit the right tone. With results by Sunday, the study gave clients the confidence to launch the campaign.


Omnicom Media Group

Abby Thorsgaard, Primary Research Manager

With a tight deadline to conduct research, develop a sizzle reel, and deliver a pitch, Fabric was an integral part of getting the project done quickly.

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