About us

Fabric is the leading platform for quick-turn, video-based qualitative market research for messaging (advertising, brand, marketing, packaging, signage, app/site) and product design studies (digital, analog, UX/UI).

Our Clients

Some of the world’s most recognized brands, ad agencies, product design teams, and UXRs trust Fabric to uncover valuable insights. Google, Nike, Verizon, Wieden + Kennedy, Omnicom, and 72andSunny are among our clients.

Our mission

Fabric’s mission is to help researchers understand the fabric of people’s everyday lives, via video.

Focus on emotion

In our decades of work in market research, product development, R&D and more, we have learned that emotion is the biggest driver of human behavior. Our belief in the strength of emotion informs everything we do.

The most powerful consumer insights are rooted in a deep emotional understanding of people. The vast majority of human motivation, behavior, attitude, belonging and ultimately decision-making is driven by emotion.

The power of video

We are video-centric because video is the most emotional of all media. Video provides the best way to capture and share visceral, authentic, and emotional consumer feedback. Nothing changes the course of a meeting like a video highlight reel of consumers explaining themselves in their own environment, in their own words.

Our respondents

We insist on the highest quality of recruitment. Especially with qual, finding the right people matters.

Proprietary AI

We created our own proprietary AI based on sentiment and emotion. Our artificial intelligence technology augments our researchers’ capability to quickly parse datasets and to check their own biases.

Fabric AI Generated Insights

Our founder

Tom Bassett is the thought leader who developed unique insights and creative strategies for advertising and product design for Nike, Apple, Google, Sonos, and other brands. Tom is also known for his documentary film, “Briefly,” in which he interviewed visionaries including Frank Gehry, Yves Behar, David Rockwell, John Boiler, Maira Kalman and John C Jay about how to use The Brief to achieve creative excellence consistently.

Collaborations in research & academia

Fabric is honored to engage in ongoing collaborations with UCSD Behavioral Sciences (Dr. Steven Dow) and Wharton MBA (Dr. Martin Lautman). Past collaborations include Carnegie Mellon HCI and Stanford D School.

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