Use Cases

Creative and inspiring use cases of Fabric
The following is a short list of ways in which we and/or our clients have employed the platform creatively to extract new and unusual insights.
In Home Use Test - Fabric
Get to know your core target audience, intimately, by delving into their attitudes and lifestyle, brand affinities, product use and more.
Packaging testing - Fabric
Gather visitor reactions to new - or existing - packaging. (This is particularly helpful for products where there is no sales assist on the retail floor).
In Home Use Test - Fabric
Get raw consumer feedback to product and service use in home to benchmark features and pain points and inform future product and service improvements.
Watch consumers weigh in via video at critical points on their journeys - Fabric
Have consumers show you their journey through a decision, product use, event or consumption moment.
Create highly unique audience segments - Fabric
Identify key behavioral or attitudinal differences amongst audiences to develop a segmentation strategy (or drill down on one specific segment).
Consumer Insight Videos | Marketing Research Insights
Bring inspiration to your creative brief with video-based insights to energize and focus your creative teams. Know your brand with Consumer Insight Videos
Identify core equities of current advertising - Fabric
Understand consumer perceptions of the core advertising equities of your brand: platform, key messages, relevance/differentiation, and characteristics including music, visuals, featured characters, tone/personality and more.
Get visceral and unvarnished reactions to messaging
Test the relevance and resonance of your company’s messaging: advertising, website, packaging and more.
Help determine how - or if - to extend an existing ad campaign - Fabric
Understand the core advertising equities, assets and characteristics of a current ad campaign in order to learn how best to evolve it.
Uncover core brand perceptions - Fabric
Gain insight into consumer brand perceptions to inform brand (re)positioning and increase brand valuation efforts.
Get visceral and authentic reactions to new ad concepts
Evaluate resonance, relevance and overall impressions of new concepts, platforms, messages, headlines, and taglines.
Gather insightful research videos, fast, to win new business
Rapidly gather compelling customer research videos for new business pitches that demonstrate insight and empathy for a client’s market, brand or product.
4 ways mindswarms works with traditional qualitative research - Fabric
Rather than show up at a respondent’s home with an Excel spreadsheet and fingers crossed the participant is good, mindswarms has been used to recruit in advance...
Understand customer experiences through the eyes of the consumer - Fabric
Gather visitor reactions to new stores, restaurants, drive- thrus and more. Observe the visitor experience and capture opinions, pain points and areas of delight to refine the...
Journey Mapping - Fabric
Have consumers show you their journey through a decision, product use or consumption journey.
Audience Analysis and Segmentation | Fabric
Learn about your targeted audience with Audience Analysis and Segmentation, including their opinions and lifestyles, brand affinities, product usage, and more. Sign Up!
Physical environment and product user testing - Fabric
Gather visitor reactions to new displays and environments. Observe the visitor experience and capture opinions, pain points and areas of delight to refine retail environments, displays and...
Early stage prototype analysis - Fabric
Develop products with the right features. Test early stage prototypes and successive iterations to identify the features that will ensure market success.
See visceral and emotional reactions as customers unbox product
If you’re unsure what the experience is like for consumers, watch and learn as they open product packaging and provide unvarnished reactions to the process.
Find unmet needs along the customer journey
Identify, understand and catalog the unmet needs of your current customers along their customer journey to inform existing product and service improvements.
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