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5 Advantages of Mobile Video Over In-Person Ethnography
Learn 5 advantages of mobile video ethnography over in-person ethnography and why you should consider mobile video surveys.
From Rolex to Iphone: Millennials and the Meaning of Luxury
How do Millennials view Luxury? We wanted to know, so we launched a study on our platform, and the responses we received were illuminating.
Rent, Own or Borrow: The Sharing Economy for Millennials
Given the rise of companies like Airbnb and Zipcar, Fabric wanted to uncover Millennials’ attitudes and brand relationships within this new economy.
Us and Them: The Double Standard of Online Reputation
Consumers demand transparency from corporations. A new study conducted by Fabric uncovered a double standard when it comes to managing their reputation.
5 Ways Buying Local Matters (and Doesn’t) to Millennials
Fabric wanted to explore a new generation of grocery purchasers: Millennials. Their insights were honest, and they weren’t afraid to speak their minds.
To Embrace or Reject: The Wearable Tech Divide - Fabric
A recent Fabric study shows how consumers' opinions differ dramatically on the role fitness tracking wearables should play in their lives.
Millennial Brand Loyalty: Rewards Over Relationships - Fabric
Millennials are redefining the concept of brand loyalty; in their eyes, it has changed dramatically from their parents’ version. Whereas their parent’s loyalty is seen to be...
Why Mobile Ethnography Beats Big Data in Capturing the “Why” - Fabric
In over 20 years of working with some of the world’s most valuable companies and recognized brands, mindswarms founder Tom Bassett has learned that mobile video surveys...
8 Ways Brands Can Attract and Keep Millennial Customers - Fabric
What makes a positive shopping experience for Millennials? We learned 8 ways brands can make their consumer experience resonate with Millennials.
How to Maximize the Impact of Your Mobile Video Surveys - Fabric
In this guide, Tom Bassett shares his tips for making the most of your video surveys, offering best practices for sharing results in a captivating way.
Pushing Boundaries: 3 Creative Uses of Mobile Video Surveys - Fabric
The limits of video surveys coincide with the limits of your imagination. Here are 3 creative uses of video surveys that prove the limits are truly endless.
5 Ways Mobile Video Ethnography Redefines Qualitative Research - Fabric
Qualitative research is key when it comes to understanding customer truths, and an innovative tool opens new doors into consumer minds: mobile video ethnography. mindswarms founder Tom...
Why You Need to Use Video in Your Market Research Presentation
Check out the reasons you need to use video to get your audience’s attention, which can ultimately impact management decisions.
Millennials & Home Cleaning Video Survey Study - Fabric
Fabric set out to understand unique generational considerations in how Millennial women relate to home cleaning, brands, and product purchasing.
Briefly: A Look into the Creative Brief - Fabric
What do Frank Gehry, Yves Behar, David Rockwell, Maira Kalman, John C Jay and John Boiler all have in common? They all begin projects with The Brief....
Mobile Video Ethnography Dives Into the Teenage Mind - Fabric
What shapes the identities of teens today? California ad agency BSSP wanted to reach beyond data-driven assumptions to find out, going deep into the minds of Generation...
Customer Appreciation in the Age of the Weaponized Consumer - Fabric
At Fabric, we recently designed a study to help us understand the emerging culture of customer appreciation, and dive below the surface of this culture.
True Emotion Revealed via Mobile Video - Fabric
We’re not far off from a time when everything people do in public will be videotaped at all times. How does this shift impact the way people...
Testing Police Interview Techniques on mindswarms - Fabric
In Making a Murderer Season 2, Kathleen Zellner observed that the detective who interviewed Brendan Dassey used the Reid Technique – an industry standard training methodology for...
A Behavior Change During COVID-19 That’s Helping Consumers Recharge - Fabric
Learn how consumers are escaping stress by being active outdoors.
Consumer Researchers Get Insights Faster With AI-Driven Mobile Video Survey Platform - Fabric
mindswarms has announced Fabric, its AI-driven mobile video survey platform, to help brands quickly get the insights they need to continue to innovate –– especially when in-person...
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