Fabric AI

Human truths at the press of a button

Fabric’s mobile video survey platform and industry-first AI help you quickly capture and highlight emotional insights from consumers without sifting through hours of videos and transcripts. And starting at only $50/study participant, Fabric caters research to your needs and budget.

Get unguarded video responses to your questions

Ask up to 10 questions, then see how participants feel through their authentic 1-minute long video responses. Videos flow into an easy to view and share dashboard as they’re completed so you can start seeing what your audience has to say immediately.

Fabric AI is the needle without the haystack​

Fabric AI Generated Insights

Cut Analysis Time By Up To 90% With The Help Of Industry-First AI

Eliminate hours of manually analyzing video responses. Fabric’s industry-first AI surfaces the most common Emotions and Mentions

Survey with Video Response

Instantly Identify High Impact Verbatims To Put In A Debrief

Emotions and Mentions in Fabric’s Response Summary link straight to the quotes and the exact timestamp in videos where they’re surfaced.

Marketing Research Insights

Sort by Emotions and Mentions​

Want a deeper dive into the data surfaced by Fabric AI? Drill down to see counts of Mentions and their associated Emotions.

Mobile Video Survey Company

Catch every nuance with human transcripts

Switch from a matrix of video responses to human transcripts to quickly browse for keywords.

See Fabric in action. Request a demo today.

Learn more about how Fabric…

  • Helps you understand the emotions of your consumers through video surveys
  • Provides you an easy to view video matrix
  • Helps you recruit for even the narrowest of audiences
  • Reduces manual analysis using industry-first AI
  • Provides human transcripts so you catch all the details
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Discover the speed and power of Fabric’s AI and easy to use platform below, featuring a real study conducted by 3 PhDs at MSFT in 2021!