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Setting the Research Objective

Creating Your Study

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One of the most important aspects of any market research project is setting the right research objective. Researchers often mistake the questions they want answered (which are of course important) for the research objective itself.

Establishing a research objective can be done in various ways. We recommend articulating the research objective in one single sentence. This will provide a clear focus for your team. 

If you list a number of questions, neither you nor the team will know exactly what it is the study is aiming to achieve.

Below are some examples of clearly articulated research objectives:

    • Understand how the current messaging campaign resonates in different countries
    • Understand if/how existing users understand our key point of differentiation
    • Bring to life the muse target audience for the brand 
    • Understand which concept resonates most with consumers and why
    • Identify drivers of churn


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