A Behavior Change During COVID-19 That’s Helping Consumers Recharge

Learn how consumers are escaping stress by being active outdoors.

Get Me Out. Consumers Agree On How To Recharge Right Now

The Big Question

Through our latest mobile video survey, we learned that people are attempting to recharge and escape the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19 by putting their bodies in motion. And more often than not, they’re doing it outside.

Consumers told us that after being inside, stressed out, and worried so much, being outside helps them feel like they’re finding their life before the pandemic.

The Big Story

People are spending so much time in their home that it has become the place where they’re constantly reminded about COVID-19. Getting outside gives them a chance to escape that place of bad news and makes them feel like they’re moving back to their life before the pandemic.

Being confined to one place has taken away the random opportunities to be in motion outside, like walking to work or going to lunch with coworkers. As the old saying goes, a body in motion stays in motion.

People crave to put their bodies in motion to feel a greater sense of well being and health.


They’re discovering new trails near home to walk or run on, playing sports with people in their social bubble at the beach, and getting even deeper into the outdoors by camping.

How Should Brands Respond?

Consumers are looking for brands to help them get out of the negative news spiral. Brands should look for opportunities to help people escape the feeling of being cooped up and help them find the freedom that being outside brings them.

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