Create highly unique audience segments

Advertising & Marketing

Identify key behavioral or attitudinal differences amongst audiences to develop a segmentation strategy (or drill down on one specific segment).

How the process works

  • Identify the target audience to research
  • Work with our Research Managers to develop a research protocol that fleshes out how to bracket potential differences amongst segments
  • Use mindswarms remote video capture to have participants provide insight on their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, brand relationships, product use and even media habits to help highlight how they are different from other segments

Methods used

  • Polarizing questions to encourage respondents to exaggerate differences
  • Self-identify by different attributes
  • Prompt them with links to statements (sometimes identified through quant research) that they can agree or disagree with
  • Self-reported consumption and possible validation by showing products or brands

Timing and cost

  • Audience Segmentation projects can take from one to two weeks or more to complete, depending on study complexity
  • Typical projects involve 15-30 participants.
  • Fees including screener development, study management, recruiting, hand-selecting the best candidates, QA of videos, respondent incentives, and transcripts @$500/person for US respondents, and $1,000/person for international markets
  • Fees for optional analysis start at $7,500 for a report on a 15 person study, and $12,500 for a 30 person study
  • Fees for optional edited video start at $5,000 for a 90-120 second highlight reel with title cards and music (B roll and motion graphics are extra)


Example: 20 participants each answer 10 questions using the video on their smartphone or laptop. That produces 200 x 1 minute video clips and corresponding transcripts (both Google Speech, and a parallel service that includes a human’s eyes to capture important nuances).

All delivered via a cloud-based link that is shareable, and assets that can be downloaded (videos in MP4 format) to be used to bring the insights to life for presentations, and highly engage audiences.

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