See visceral and emotional reactions first-hand as customers unbox product

Product Design & Development

If you’re unsure what the out of box experience is like for consumers, watch and learn as they open product packaging and provide unvarnished reactions to the process.

How the process works

  • Identify product(s) to investigate in the study
  • Develop a research protocol to explore how to best capture out of box consumer reactions
  • Recruit key audience segments (e.g. Loyalists, Casuals, Lapsed)
  • Use Fabric remote video capture to have participants provide insight on the unboxing experience, including perceptions of messaging, packaging materials, first sight of the product, and product use

Methods used

  • Brand blind: in some cases, new product concepts are shipped without any branding to gauge reactions absent of any brand influence
  • Pre wave: in some cases, we recommend a pre wave of perception gathering prior to having product shipped to customers’ homes
  • Product use and preparation: we have shipped food products and had consumers prepare and eat product on video. We have shipped make-up to women, and had them apply it and take it off, while recording their reactions
  • Packaging parallels: we have had consumers show examples of other packaging they either like or dislike to learn from other types of packaging consumers relate to

Timing and cost

  • Out-of-box experience projects can take from one to four weeks or more to complete, depending on study complexity (i.e. if a product needs to be sent to participants, it can take longer). 
  • Studies can be set up in minutes and usually involve 15 or more participants. Videos, transcripts, and analysis through Fabric’s AI show up as soon as participants complete their surveys.
  • The “Bring Your Own Recruits” option starts at $50 per person. Each person you invite from your list answers up to 10 questions per study, yielding 10 x 1 minute video responses per person. Includes transcripts (machine & human for accuracy), and access to our sentiment and emotion based AI.
  • The “DIY + Recruit” option starts at $250 per person, and you create a study recruiting from our proprietary database of over 250,000 respondents. Each person answers up to 10 questions per study, yielding 10 x 1 minute video responses per person. Includes screening, transcription (human + machine for accuracy), and access to our proprietary sentiment and emotion based AI.


15 participants each answer 10 questions using the video on their smartphone or laptop. That produces 150 x 1 minute video clips and corresponding transcripts (both through Fabric’s AI, and a parallel service that includes a human’s eyes to capture important nuances).

All delivered via a cloud-based link that is shareable, and assets that can be downloaded (videos in MP4 format) to be used to bring the insights to life for presentations, and highly engage audiences.

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